Sea Wedding Ideas

Sea-Wedding-Ideas-8 Sea Wedding Ideas. Eats chocolate every day. Since I grew up just a stone’s throw from the ocean, a nautical-inspired wedding always makes my heart skip a beat. Here are eight seaworthy wedding ideas that have me just a teeny bit homesick today. When you stand at the edge of the ocean, you can’t help […]

Ideas For A Small Wedding Reception

Ideas-For-A-Small-Wedding-Reception-7 Ideas For A Small Wedding Reception. Use the tennis theme to accent your traditional wedding reception. Photo Credit Jupiterimages/BananaStock Tennis ball cake pops work well for another cute and simple party favor idea. Cake pops are small balls of cake mixed with frosting, decorated Love is in the air as wedding season arrives. These ideas […]

Ideas For A Small Wedding

Ideas-For-A-Small-Wedding-2 Ideas For A Small Wedding. If you’re willing to be flexible and open to nontraditional ideas, you can have the “perfect” wedding returning a bunch of toasters you don’t need. 5. Keep The Wedding Small Consider making the wedding family-only or only inviting immediate A few more meals to go with your weekend drinks: Drunken […]

Scrapbooking Wedding Invitation Ideas

Scrapbooking-Wedding-Invitation-Ideas-6 Scrapbooking Wedding Invitation Ideas. Craft your own invitations and programs by researching your favorite looks online and trying to recreate them on your own. Like the idea of a guest book, but have no idea what you would do with it after the wedding? Create a mini scrapbook of you and your Chic paperless wedding […]

Ideas For A Small Intimate Wedding

Ideas-For-A-Small-Intimate-Wedding-7 Ideas For A Small Intimate Wedding. But, when it comes to planning weddings Carrie Bradsaw and Mr Big for years on the small screen before they finally watched them say ‘I do’ in cinemas. In the end, the couple exchanged vows in a simple, intimate civil service, but only after they Small weddings tend to […]

Ideas For A Simple Wedding

Ideas-For-A-Simple-Wedding-6 Ideas For A Simple Wedding. If you have someone that is willing to lend a big house and back yard you got it made, I had a wedding for my daughter at my house, and it came out beautiful! we had about 75 to 100 guests and everything was arranged in our big yard, spent […]

Scrapbooking Wedding Ideas

Scrapbooking-Wedding-Ideas-5 Scrapbooking Wedding Ideas. Options weren’t limited to wedding-day needs. Dry cleaners, honeymoon venues and a scrapbooking store were among the vendors. It was the first bridal show for Angela Vincent, owner of The Scrapbook Studio and Caf in Niles. “We cater to a variety of For years, a bride and her maid of honor have […]

Ideas For A Second Wedding

Ideas-For-A-Second-Wedding-9 Ideas For A Second Wedding. A second marriage is different. It starts with a second wedding. This wedding is also different. First of all, you are an old hat. Second of all, much of the weight is (hopefully) lifted. This was the case for me. With my first marriage, I was hoping to Apparently the […]